Some of the work we’ve done

Since we founded Clearcase in 2011, we’ve worked for progressive organisations fighting for a variety of causes. Like coordinating Europe’s response to climate change, abolishing FGM, and reforming our banking system.

The following clients have allowed us to detail the work that we did for them.

The EU Covenant of Mayors is the world’s largest movement for local climate and energy action. For its tenth anniversary, we carried out a strategic review of the Covenant that included interviewing 17 of its key leaders, preparing and facilitating a one-day workshop, and developing and an action plan to strengthen its impact.


Secours Catholique is the French member of the Caritas Internationalis network, working across the world to provide assistance to and advocacy for people living in poverty. We are helping Secours Catholique-Caritas France develop impact-driven advocacy plans for their campaigns.


CONCORD represents 1,800 relief and development NGOs across Europe. We assessed the advocacy impact of a long-term CONCORD project – funded by the Gates Foundation – to improve EU aid to developing countries, and are evaluating the organisation’s capacity building and reputation with EU stakeholders. Read what CONCORD said about our report and download it. 


Omikron Project is a citizens’ communications initiative to change the international narrative about the Greek crisis through videos, graphics and media relations work. We helped to design the project’s strategy, and coordinated its productions and team to deliver impact.


INTACT is a Belgium-based NGO working to protect women and girls who have suffered from, or are at risk of, female genital mutilation. Using our strategy tester tool, we enabled INTACT to sharpen its advocacy plan to better serve the women and girls it is trying to help.


Caritas Europa is one of Europe’s major actors in providing relief and development across Europe and, as part of Caritas Internationalis, throughout the world. We ran two training workshops for Caritas Europa on how to do effective EU advocacy using an impact-driven methodology. 


EUROCITIES is the network of major cities in Europe. We are currently supporting the organisation to undergo a strategic check-up and reorientation, developing its long term vision and organisational goals, its five-year strategy and annual work plan, and advising it on implementation.


AIDOS is a leading Italian NGO fighting for women’s rights in developing countries. We strengthened and evaluated its long-term multi-organisational project to end female genital mutilation, and protect women and girls who have already been harmed by the practice.


Practical Action is a leading international development charity, based in the UK but fighting poverty across the globe. We evaluated the impact of its EU-financed, multi-organisational project to improve energy access to the poorest people in sub-saharan Africa. We also analysed how well its project partners worked together, and how they were seen by decision makers.


The Human Rights League is a Belgian NGO that raises awareness and advocates against human rights violations in Belgium. We advised the League on establishing a “human rights house” in Belgium.


SOLIDAR is a global NGO network fighting for social justice. We supported SOLIDAR in organising its Silver Rose Awards, helping to develop impact-driven objectives and success indicators and ensuring proper implementation.


COFACE is the confederation of EU organisations fighting for the rights of families. We evaluated its advocacy impact and work done throughout the year, and made strategic recommendations.


CleanAir BXL is a citizens’ movement campaigning to tackle pollution in Brussels. We performed an audit of their campaign and made recommendations.


Caritas Belgium is the Belgian chapter of Caritas. We trained the organisation on how to deliver impact-oriented workshops.

SOS Children’s Villages is a global federation working to prevent family breakdown and to provide quality care for children who have lost or risk losing parental care. We helped their EU Office to develop a plan for a campaign on EU investment in Child and Youth Services in the next Multiannual Financial Framework.


The End FGM European Network is an alliance of 19 NGOs working to ensure sustainable European action to end female genital mutilation. We evaluated the impact of the work they did throughout 2017.


Be Planet is a foundation set up by the Belgian federation of environmental NGOs to support innovative citizen-led action to protect the environment.

We helped Be Planet design and moderate its annual event that brings together citizens acting for the planet with corporations ready to support them.


BUCAS is an organisation that coordinates social action in Antananarivo, Madagascar. We helped them design a campaign to combat deforestation and rural poverty. We also trained their staff in advocacy planning and the use of impact indicators.


CAN Europe is Europe’s largest civil society network working to prevent dangerous climate change and promote sustainable climate and energy policy in Europe. We assessed the advocacy impact of a three-year project led by CAN Europe, in coordination with three of its member organisations. The project, funded by the EU’s EuropeAid fund, set out to raise awareness of how climate change affects vulnerable people in developing countries.


CBM is an international Christian development organisation, committed to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in low income regions of the world. We evaluated the reputation and advocacy impact of CBM’s EU office, and provided them with strategic recommendations.